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80% LTV mortgages - for those who've got a really substantial deposit

Having a deposit is essential when obtaining a mortgage. However, the type of deposit can vary quite substantially. Those who have held a repayment mortgage for a while, may have substantial equity in their property and therefore may only need to borrow 50% of their property value. For others, they will have saved hard in order to put down a larger deposit (20%+) with the aim of getting a more competitive interest rate. At Ipswich Building Society, we offer a range of different mortgages dependent on deposit, a number of which are tailored towards those who have at least 20 per cent of the property’s value ready to go and are looking to borrow 80 per cent or less.

20 per cent is considered a good level of deposit, meaning that some good value interest rates may be obtained.

Because it’s a larger proportion of the total sum, 20 per cent deposits are usually suitable for those that are remortgaging their existing home or moving onto their next property, whether through their need to move (perhaps as a young family seeking a larger home), relocating for work or perhaps someone looking to move in to a more desirable area. Whilst it is rarer, on some occasions, first time buyers may also put down this level of a deposit. Alternatively, it may be that you are a landlord looking for a buy-to-let mortgage - our buy-to-let mortgage range varies so it’s a worth regularly reviewing our products for the latest offers.

Whatever your reason for requiring an 80% LTV mortgage, we don't use computers to make our lending decisions - so your application will be reviewed by one of our expert mortgage consultants.

Why should you choose Ipswich Building Society as your mortgage lender?

If you’re looking to obtain an 80 per cent LTV mortgage, then you should give us a call. Here’s why:

  • We’re an independent mutual lender. This means that, unlike a number of other lenders, we don’t have any shareholders that we have to worry about keeping happy. All of our decisions are made with our members in mind.

  • We take a personal approach. Rather than try and shoehorn customers into terms that don’t quite suit them, we take the time to get to know you, in order to ensure that the mortgage you walk away with is the perfect one.

  • We’re experienced. In the end, you deserve the re-assurance that the advice we’re giving you is correct. With over 160 years of experience in providing mortgages to people all over the East of England, we’ve got the knowledge to advise you on your future.

To find out more about the range of 20 per cent deposit/ 80% LTV mortgages we have on offer, call Ipswich Building Society today on 0330 123 0773.


Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage.