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My Puppy: Maths & Money


Our "My Puppy: Maths & Money" app is an interactive experience for primary aged children that engages and teaches numeracy and money skills. Our 5 money based games will help to develop your child's skills and understanding of money in the real world. Younger children will benefit from parental guidance and discussion points whereas older children should be able to play the games unaided. The games are all free and there are no credits or top-ups required. The app will work on most mobile platforms and is available to download free from the App Store and Google Play. Alternatively, you can play our web version here.

The app allows up to 10 puppies to be created and customised so more than one child can play the app. The aim of the game is for the child to use their skills and knowledge to earn Puppy Pounds and save these at the Building Society. They will earn interest each day they visit the Building Society, can use their Puppy Pounds to purchase items in the shop and then display these items inside or outside of their kennel.

The games will help your child develop an understanding of how money works and help them to recognise different coins. It will also help them to understand the benefits of saving, what money can be used for and help them to understand how to budget.

The discussion points listed below can be used by you with your child as they play each game, further building their understanding of core money concepts.



A selection of everyday grocery items are added to the shopping list. Your child must turn over a card from the grocery list and a card from the price list and attempt to match the item to the correct price on the shopping list.

Learning Objectives

  • To talk about household items that families buy.
  • To know that we must pay for goods we want to buy.
  • To recognise that adults have to spend money on household items.
  • To improve the child's memory.


Play against the opponent, laying matching tiles to form a train of Dominoes. Be the first to lay all of your tiles to win the prize. Each time a tile is successfully placed, you will have the chance to win bonus Puppy Pounds by answering a sum of 2 coins.

Learning Objectives

  • To recognise the coins we use here in the UK.
  • To think about numbers and how we use numbers and values in everyday life.
  • To improve the child’s maths.

Money Bear

Drag a coin from the money pot and place it in the correct spot on the Money Bear. Keep going until all of the coins have been matched. After each section of the Money Bear is completed, your child will be asked to add up all of the coins in the section to earn bonus Puppy Pounds.

Learning Objectives

  • To begin to talk about the value of money.
  • To recognise various coins.
  • To improve the child’s maths.

Money Bingo

Our spin on a classic game. Your child must add together the 2 numbers on the screen and find the matching total on their bingo card. But watch out, the clock's ticking! Earn a small bonus for each correct answer and complete a full house before time runs out to win the jackpot prize.

Learning Objectives

  • To improve the child’s maths and correlation with adding up sums of money.
  • Selecting the correct value when faced with multiple options.

Wall of Money

A challenge of co-ordination and spatial awareness. As the blocks fall from the top of the screen, your child must move and twist each piece to fit as many on the screen as possible – the more blocks they build in their wall, the more money they earn.

Learning Objectives

  • The harder you work the more money you can earn.
  • To improve concentration.
  • To understand that small amounts can build up to larger amounts.



If you want to take things offline, we have come up with a fun activity sheet which incorporates different elements of the app so your children don't miss out.

Download your copy here

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