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Primary schools

Our programme designed for Year 2 children introduces financial education through numeracy, literacy and creativity. In 2016 we refreshed our offering and developed Money Metrics Primary, our bespoke session for primary-age children delivered by our trained staff.

Our staff visit primary schools across Suffolk, providing a full day.

We've spent over 3,000 hours in the classroom and last year we pledged to add 950 hours to this total through primary school, Year 10 and adult sessions.


The Session

Money Metrics Primary sessions are run by our trained employees, with the help of teaching staff.

The Day

During the day, children will take part in games and create their own stories, paintings and a money box to take home. They'll also learn the Savings Mountain song.

Learning objectives include:

- Understanding concept of money in everyday use
- Recognising coin denominations and matching values
- Learning about the value of money
- Increasing awareness on how we use money to pay for things we want to buy
- Learning how to save money
- Exploring aspects of money through a story

During the Money Day the children will act out a play, take part in games and also create their own stories, paintings and make a money box to take home.



After each session we ask teaching staff for their feedback so we can be sure that we are providing high class content and excellent delivery. Sometimes we also get letters from the children - once, we were told the Money Day was "better than my birthday". We consider this high praise indeed!

Here are some of the comments we have received from teachers:

- "Excellent - the children were engaged and they enjoyed their day"

- "The children (and staff) thoroughly enjoyed the Money Day with one pupil saying 'It's the best day I've ever had!'

- "The children really enjoyed the different activities on offer and were excited to take part"

- "The children thoroughly enjoyed the day. They were eager to volunteer and answer questions and particularly enjoyed making their own money boxes"

Book a Session

If you are a teacher interested in finding out more, or would like to book a Money Metrics Primary session for your school, we'd love to hear from you.

We can provide you with a teacher pack, which explains the day in detail and the specific learning outcomes of each activity.

The sessions are completely free - although our staff do enjoy a hot school dinner now and again!

Get in touch with your nearest branch to arrange a session.


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