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AGM & Voting

Our 169th AGM was held on Wednesday 27 March 2019

We held our 169th Annual General Meeting on Wednesday 27 March at Trinity Park, Ipswich. Our Chief Executive Richard Norrington, and Chairman Alan Harris looked back on the highlights of 2018 before handing over to our guest speaker for the evening - broadcaster and writer Tracey MacLeod.

The event, which is part of the Society’s All In membership programme, attracted an attendance of just over 300 members and guests - making it one of our best-attended AGMs in our recent history.

Please see below for voting results in full, to view our CEO and Chairman's speeches and look through the questions our members submitted to the Board and our responses.

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View the Chairman's and Chief Executive's speeches from the last AGM here.

Click here to view questions to the Board.

Annual General Meeting 27 March 2019

Total Votes

1. To receive the Report of Directors, Annual Accounts and Auditors' Report 3514 39 35 4 3592 97.8
2. To approve the Directors' Remuneration Report 3244 261 83 4 3592 90.3
3. To re-appoint KPMG LLP as Auditors 3362 171 55 4 3592 93.5
4a. To elect Ian Anthony Brighton 3438 96 53 5 3592 95.7
4b. To elect Fiona Winifred Mary Ryder 3400 134 54 4 3592 94.6
4c. To elect Trevor Slater 3414 117 56 5 3592 95.0
Turnout 12.42%

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